Museum of Sex Rebrand

Identity • Interface • Editorial

Museum of Sex: Rebranding

Below is a proposed visual identity project created for The Museum of Sex in New York City. This project involved revamping the existing museum's brand identity in its entirety.

The website utilizes a section of the logomark as a viewport for which the carousel moves through. I felt that using the mark in this way evoked a sense of voyeurism which is related to both sex and the notion of being a viewer in the museum gallery.

Museum of Sex: Brand Extension

For a brand extension, I decided that the Museum of Sex could partner with Spotify to advertise an exhibit on the history between music and sex. Spotify would feature interactive album art in which you can learn about the artist and the exhibition at the Museum of Sex.

Users would also be able to use their phones to scan certain tags on the wall of the museum to hear a specific song and receive information on that particular artist during a guided audio tour.

The following images contain alternate logo designs, typefaces, sketches, and other remaining pieces of the brand identity process.