Mostyn Griffith's Work for Web & Democracy

Project 1: CityBlocks

CityBlock is a speculative application that deals with issues surrounding the inaccessibility that zoning and public land development feature. I wanted to look at possible ways that the public could think about the configuration of public space. Utilizing the digital pen as a familiar drawing tool, I want people to be able to interface and draw their own spatial compositions of city zoning.

Project 2: Town Hall

Town Hall is a possible web application that seeks to better connect constituents with their representatives from a local to a national level. Users would be able to see what legislation is being voted on and discuss the topic in a very logical, civilized manner. On top of that feature, they would be able to vote for positions based on the strength of an argument which is similar to how the discussion website Kialo works.

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Presentation: Fugazi

This website was designed to give a brief rundown on the history and beliefs of the punk band, Fugazi. The design served to express the minimal DIY aesthetic that pervaded punk culture at the time. The single page scrolling configuration is meant to intuitively take the user through the information all while providing some background visuals that change at different points on the site.

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Project 4: Politicoin

This project was made in response to all of the recent hype surrounding cryptocurrency and its surge in value. I was particularly interested in the whole mining aspect and how certain websites such as Showtime's have recently embedded clandestine JavaScript miners into their webpages in place of advertisements. The notion of distributing the mining labor across different user's computers interested me. I wanted to create a website that served the purpose of both educating users on what it means to mine cryptocurrency and the potential of being able to support a candidate through the use of your computer's labor (the ultimate kind of armchair activism).

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