Mostyn Griffith is a multidisciplinary designer. He is interested in social equity, inclusive business, and the use of design to bridge the divide between enterprise and cultural production.

In 2018, he graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design and a Minor in Computation Technology & Culture. He is currently an Experiential Designer at HUSH Studios in New York City. He is also 1/5 of the design studio Merl.

You can contact him via email by clicking here.You can also find him on Instagram or even on that other website known as LinkedIn. Otherwise here is his resumé.

Worked with: Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn, WeWork, Evan Roth, Zenni, IHS Markit, Pearson, Sigma Surgical, Finnest, and The People's Lobby.

The Graphic Order

Spring 2018

Exhibition • Identity • Motion

Graphic Design Senior Show

Spring 2018

Exhibition • Identity • Motion

The Graphic Order is the identity for the 2018 RISD Graphic Design Senior Show. The rationale behind the idea came when I and a group of seniors undergraduate students remarked on our cultish relationship to the practice of graphic design. We felt an eery obsession with the rules that we were taught combined with a religious fervor towards historical icons in graphic design lended well to a cult-like theme.

I, Greta Skagerlind, and Ishaan Bose Verma were responsible for creating the identity and branded assets for the show. We invited our fellow senior graphic designers to create their own personal symbols in place of traditional gallery labels.

Promotional Poster

We found that this set of symbols also allowed for playful configurations when set inline with typography. Ishaan Bose Verma went to work in creating a typeface that combined our classes' symbols with Pauline Le Pape's typeface, Tacite. We used this Frankenstein-esque typeface liberally throughout many of the show's branded assets.

A Typewall displaying all the typefaces created by 2018 Graphic Design Seniors.

A Poster Shrine dedicated to all of the wonderful posters made by the seniors.

Promotional goody-bags include a catalogue of the show, mini-poster, and temporary tattoos with a random student's glyph.

And yes, we had custom pen plotted messages written in our custom typeface.