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Watson Discovery: NinjaZ

Beginning in March 2019, I had the privilege to join the Watson Discovery design team following my graduation from IBM’s interdisciplinary Patterns bootcamp.

The design team worked to democratize and simplify the current user experience and transform it into a product that could allow non-technical Data and Business Analysts to build custom AI-powered document search applications.

I took ownership of designing the Improvement panel, a feature which allows users to diagnose why they weren’t returning the best search results and promptly train Discovery’s AI to get certain results from a set search query.

Project case study coming soon!

Discovery powered the Open Questions and Match Insights for the US Open, which reached over 6.8 million users and over 475 clients who enjoyed behind the scenes virtual tours. Meanwhile for ESPN's Fantasy Football, over 10 million users engaged with Watson-delivered insights in the ESPN Fantasy Football app to help make better trades.

Watson Discovery was a finalist in Fast Company’s 2020 Innovation by Design Award. Read our Design Principal, Arin Bhowmick's press release, IBM Watson Discovery wins a finalist spot in Fast Company’s 2020 Innovation by Design Awards